Neem Goat Milk Soap


A cold process goat milk soap with a superb blend of oils including Neem and Wheat germ for extra healing and moisturizing. Suitable for the whole family including infants with Extraordinary benefits for those with dry skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis.



Across multiple cultures there are numerous historical legends on Goat milk and its benefits to the skin. The legend of Cleopatra ” the most beautiful woman to walk the desert lands”  her stunning beauty augmented by her glowing skin  that was attributed to long baths in goat milk is the most outstanding.

A superb blend of Oils including Neem and Wheat germ, this cold process soap is loaded with benefits for all skin types. Each oil selected for its own unique benefits highlighted in the links below for more details.

Benefits of Goat Milk soap

  1. Gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip of the skins natural oils.
  2. Natural exfoliant rich in AHA like lactic Acid naturally occurring in goat milk that  break the bond between dead skin cells.
  3. Supports the skins natural microbiome layer.
  4. Rich in a wide range of fatty acids helps improve dry skin.

Links on benefits of goat milk soap