Raw Shea Butter


One of Africa’s best kept skin beauty secret. Particularly rich in Oleic and Stearic fatty acids, shea butter is extremely moisturizing providing relief to itchy skin conditions and stretch marks.

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Good quality raw unrefined Shea butter is smooth in texture and does not liquify at room temperatures; however, it melts on skin contact and easily softens in your hands, making it easy to apply.

Particularly rich in Oleic and Stearic fatty acids, Shea butter is extremely moisturizing and very hydrating, and African woman have used Shea butter for centuries in their cooking and in their skin-and hair care regimen.

Full of all-natural vitamin A and E, 100 % pure, unrefined, raw Shea butter is very soothing, nourishing and rich in antioxidants.

It aids in soothing and relieving numerous skin conditions such as red, irritated and itchy skin conditions including sunburns. It is ideal to use in stretch mark prevention during pregnancy and weight loss.